Sunday, February 17, 2008

I love winter but enough already.

I'm official tired of winter. I always thought it was my favorite season, but that may be from back in high school when I spent every free minute at the ski hill with my friends. Now, I am tired of the long drives to work, the cold and the dark, although that is slowly getting better.
I asked our IT lady to take a look at my computer and give it a tune up. The fan was getting super loud and it was taking forever to start up and shut down. It's 5 years old already and needed a physical. So now it is all fixed up, and I decided to have the cable guy come and hook up the internet in my living room so I can sit here in a warm front room and listen to the TV, much more comfy so maybe I'll keep up better with my blog and actually read my email more than once a week. Well, it can't hurt. :)
Here's a picture from better times, Labor Day in Houghton 2007. I'm really happy with some of the pictures I took, now I just have to actually print and frame them.

Hope I get to see you all up there again soon. But not too soon, let's wait for the snow to melt first.