Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What is the Pep+o for verbal diarrhea?

Okay, I've realized for a long time I talk way too much and way too loud. The loud part I'm not sure what I can do without obsessing about it and that would make me really unhappy to be that controlling of how I am. I try to dial it down when I hear it, and being around my family helps they are all exactly the same and it lets me hear it and recognize it. The only things I have found my volume level useful for is ordering drinks in a loud bar and leading Sound Off. :) Oh and if needed, I can speak to a large room and everyone can hear without amplification, but I've never spoke to a large enough group to make that impressive. Any votes for how many poeple I could handle in about my normal speaking voice? I'm thinking at least 200. ;)

But I'd like to work on the verbal diarrhea. I'm in a class right now and it is so obvious and annoying to me. I have NO filter. It's not going to be good for me at work in the long run.
I think the top 3 aspects are; interrupting by starting to speak before someone is done; finishing people's sentences; and wanting to answer every question, or even offer unsolicited help.

The first part might be helped by really trying to be a better listener, and to do that you have to keep your trap closed until the other person closes theirs. And not be thinking about what I would say. I think I am listening a lot because I do have something to say back, but I miss things. Maybe starting with the sales tool, "I think what I just heard you say is ..., is that right?"

My mom exacerbated the finishing sentences, she stops and waits for me to do it or asks me to all the time. I tell her to "use her words" now. My boss stops mid-sentence all the time and doesn't finish the thought, but I've tried really hard not to guess the ending and I think I'm doing ok.

I'm not sure what to do about answering everything and giving unsolicited "help". Stop and count to 5 or 10 and see if someone else will talk? Try thinking to myself what I would do? I even make little noises when I think of something and don't say it. I'm afraid I am incredibly desperate for attention, from a chil dhood of not seeing my parents much and now living alone for the last 8 years. How can I 'warn' someone on my M@tch profile and make it sound like a positive?

I really want to be quieter. I have the utmost for those people that don't say much, and then what comes out of their mouth is almost always the exact perfect thing to do. Since I never shut up, people stop listening, and since I have no filter, for every 20 bad ideas, I might have one decent one, but everyone understandably stopped listening after the first few bad ones...

I think I just need to get laid. It's been a frighteningly long time. No I won't admit to how long, it's that bad.

Why can't I sleep?

Thinking of all of you tonight, hope all are well. have you all given up on me blogging? I would.

Thanks a lot Bolte, now I'm hooked on Project Runw@y.

Does anyone else like Mad Men?

Laura, Invite me to your blog.

I'm so sorry everything has been so crummy this summer, but I hope the cat will help. Can't believe she didn't kill you in your sleep for attempting to bathe her though, mine would. Indoor cat food should help, I think it is sort of "diet" for their lower activity level. If you can't get her groomed then brushing and they make something like handy-wipes for cats that might help. Why do I always try to give too much advice? Sorry.

I've actually written back to someone on M@tch which is is a big step for me. That's enough of that. Although he's and Av's fan ,so it may already be over.

Saw Delrue at Whorley's BBQ Sunday. He and G-friend live less than a mile from me. My liver said, "Ut-oh'. He already called for Margarita Monday. yikes.

I'm going to Matt's going away party in the Port (30 min north) Friday. Not drinking 'cause I have busy Saturday and to avoid kissing the same guy I did last time I was drunk up there. I'm hoping I can play the I don't know what you're talking about card. Matt's moving down here and will be less than 10 minutes away. Sorry liver.

Running/playing in a work kickball game Saturday. It's BYOB. Gotta love Milwaukee.

I miss all you girls, Jackie's wedding was great, but I miss you all so. Silly fun is the best fun.

Come visit me!! soon!

I'll be in the D the weekend of October 10th (the 9th is the first Wings home game), who wants to party?

I'm not tired and I am in this rapid improvement workshop project thing all week, I need to be sharp. Too bad I guess. I'm going to try to go to bed now.

Hope the cat comes when I call and isn't out "playing" with another mouse.