Monday, April 9, 2007

Me as an M&M

We were talking about this at the bar Saturday so I thought I'd post myself as an M&M. You can do it too at


So I ignored the Squirrel until the next morning and when I looked, he was gone.
What do you think happened?

1. Another animal dragged it off?
2. A nice neighbor took care of it for me?
3. The squirrel was ressurrected?
4. Nasty person put it on my porch?
5. Other?

Friday, April 6, 2007

Burial arrangments

I looked out my window this morning to see if the garbage had been picked up, and I saw a small pile of fur at the edge of my driveway. A poor little squirrel has expired. I will spare you the photo. Here's the thing, if it were anywhere close to garbage day I would pick him up with a shovel, put in him a plastic bag and toss him in the trash. But garbage day was today so now he will be around for a week. I think I'll call the city department and see if I can dispose of him there. Otherwise I think I have to keep him in the garbage until next week, thank goodness it turned cold again.

Of course all of this makes me think of the book I just read for book club;
Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach. It is a fascinating book about what the different choices are for bodies after death. It really helped me to clarify what I would want done (donated to science) and what I don't want (burial, don't see the point). Such a personal decision and so hard to find concise information about it.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


As I write this I am think of my commitment issues. Or if I should be committed. To my life, to my work, to a nut house. I am thinking of actions I have committed, or haven't, and which I am less happy about. I'm have certainly not been committed to this blog and for that I feel shame. I do love reading all of yours though so please, keep writing.
This weekend I made a commitment to being Isabelle's owner. I started fostering her late September last year, so on her 6 month anniversary I decided I'm sick of spending almost every Saturday at a pet store trying to get rid of her, when she hates to go, hates to be there, and I do too. Only 3 people have shown real interest that I recall, and they all had small children. That would not be a great situation for Isabelle, or rather for the children, as she likes to be rather violent when she plays or is done being played with, petted, you are within reach of her claws... And while my parents thought me getting scratched up by the cat when I was 2 and played too hard was a good way for me to learn, parents aren't as big on having scarred children anymore. So she's mine. I really love her. She's great company, but not all over me, and if I leave for a couple days she's fine on her own, but really happy to see me when I get back. But I think about the fact that I may have her until I'm 50, and that is a really old age to be thinking about, I have enough trouble with 31. So I'm done fostering I think. I might consider kittens again but not for a while, and I don't think Isabelle will put up with it very well, and it's her house too. I do highly recommend it if you are thinking about getting a pet or have a pet that would tolerate a guest. It was a great way to decide if I was ready, what I really wanted (I always thought I wanted a big dog, but turns out, not by myself.) and it was a lot of fun. The commitment on the weekend gets old after a while, but I got to meet a great group of people too.
I am committed 100% to the Red Wings. How sad is that? In the words of the kid in Fever Pitch, "Sure you love the Red [Wings], but have they ever loved you back?" Sadly, no. Can I get credit that I go to almost all the games with my mom or brother so it is really quality family time? No? Well, I tried.

I think I should go do something useful, which at this point is take out the garbage, make dinner, then go buy myself a vacuum. I think I will buy this one, I want a powerful small one that is good for picking up hair (mine and Izzy's) and getting the stairs. I have an upright and a little Sw!ffer Sweeper that I like, but I really want the Dys0n for pets, but that seems so overpriced and a silly thing to get at this point. I really want to commit to being a better homemaker, I kind of stink at it. I so admire how nice some people keep there homes, but I never seem to build the habit. I slowly am getting better though so I have hope.