Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A month of no internet, yikes!

I finally have my computer functioning after nearly a month of issues. My video driver was being a brat, so I got the IT manager at work to fix it for me. It's strange not to be able to read my email and look things up, I mean really, am I supposed to use the phone book to find things instead of go0gle maps, are you kidding me?!

I'm watch Pr0ject Runw@y so I'll make this short.

1. My old house in Berkley is now listed at $149,000. When I bought it just over 2 years ago, it was listed for $234,900. It makes me happy work bought it from me, but sad that no one loves it as I did.

2. I got digits from a guy on Match, right before my computer crashed. A month ago. Too late to call? Yeah probably, but a poor excuse on my part... if I had really wanted I could have gone to an Internet cafe and looked up his number.



Y Garcia-Smith said...

Wow on the house!
Yes- call boy from Match. Why not?

karen c konkel said...

1. Doesn't surprise me since we basically have no work in my studio. We do residential design.

2. As long as the guy is still on match contact him. Either email or call. Personally i'd send an email asking if I can still call. You should most definitely contact him. You have nothing to lose.

alanna rose said...

Call him, or email first like Karen said, I'm sure he hasn't gotten engaged or married in the last month (then again...).

With prices like that in the metro area, J and I could actually afford to move there - but there's no job :(

Danielle Michelle said...

Contact him...what's too lose?